I'm Alvin Ellerbee II, A.K.A. Alvin Ellie.

My first thought of when I wanted to start my own clothing company was to lie and try to pretend that the company is a whole lot bigger than what it actually is. Then I decided, honesty is a whole lot easier way to go.

Truth is, I'm just a guy who grew up in Baltimore, MD throughout the 90's. I developed an eye for fashion at a young age and I figured out that when you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, your performance as a human being is that much greater. Style is everything, style is confidence, style is swagger. Style represents the best part of you.

I got in trouble a lot as a youth. I attended 5 different High Schools before I would graduate. Four of which I was made to transfer to in just my last 2 years of High School. I wasn't violent or mischievous. I just questioned everything. If something didn't make logical sense to me, I chose not to accept it. Why would I have to conform to being like everyone else? Why am I not allowed to choose who I am, who I wanted to be -or- how I wanted to be it?

I chose to think for myself. I chose individuality. I called it the freedom to be "me." Others called it Rebellious.

Either way you look at it, choose to be yourself. Because there's no one greater. When God made you, he only made one.

- Dream Big, Be Yourself and #LiveRebellious



1. Resisting control or authority.
2. Pertaining to or characteristic of rebels or rebellion.
3. Showing a desire to resist authority, control, or convention.
Rebellious Clothing began on the summer of 2006 in Los Angeles, CA with the idea of being an individual. Standing out amongst sheep.


A rebel stands for what they believe in. Choosing to think freely for themselves rather than conformity. A true rebel knows who they really are and will not compromise their unique identity for anyone. 

Leadership | Confidence | Individuality 

"Live Rebellious"

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