Why Are We Made In The U.S.?

Rather than save a buck or two, by developing and manufacturing our goods outside of the U.S., we find it more important to work together with our fellow countrymen to help build and stimulate our nations economy. As Americans, it's our responsibility to honor our country and help out one another. It's an honor to provide jobs for thousands of talented individuals who live right here in America. Call it patriotic or just call us humanitarians, we've decided that it's in Rebellious Clothing Company's integrity to look out for one another, rather than just "Numero Uno."

"Together We Stand, Divided We Fall."
Proud to Say, We're Made in the U.S.A.

Rebellious Clothing Co. is an independent clothing brand. By manufacturing our goods in America, we're able to oversee the daily process of manufacturing from start to finish to insure you that our product provides superior quality from head-to-toe.


- Live Rebellious